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Élan Design Lab

Élan Design Lab, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Marcie Weslock, PE and Steve Johnston, PE. Steve and Marcie began working together in late nineties while at a local civil engineering and landscape architecture firm. Their career paths diverged, but ultimately brought them back together to build a stronger design firm that focuses on creating smart sites through sound engineering.

Élan Design Lab, Inc. is a civil engineering and landscape architecture service provider to the construction/development marketplace, including regional, state and federal agencies, counties and municipalities, state and local school systems, national corporations, commercial and residential contractors, developers, property owners and other architectural and engineering firms.

Élan Design Lab, Inc. draws its name from two segments of the company’s core businesses Engineering and Landscape architecture.  The definition Élan [ey-lahn] – “vigorous spirit, energy or enthusiasm” aptly describes the way the owners and the business approach new challenges.  “Lab” also denotes a place that is a testing ground for fresh, creative ideas and solutions. Élan’s staff is a collection of hardworking, creative people focused on discovering inspired ideas and solutions with vigorous spirit, energy and enthusiasm.

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