MPRB Father Hennepin Bluff Park Improvements, Minneapolis, MN

Élan Design Lab provided civil engineering services for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) and Landschaft at Father Hennepin Bluff Park located at 420 SE Main Street at the Stone Arch Bridge along Saint Anthony Main in Minneapolis. The property area is 7.55 acres. It is presently occupied by an existing bandshell, as well as biking, hiking and walking paths. The concept includes revitalizing approximately four acres of the property at the corner near SE Main Street and 6th Avenue SE to incorporate more of an interactive flow of park users complete with a play area, biking trail, pedestrian trail through a central lawn area and north plaza. The east end of the concept plan will add plantings amongst existing trees. The central lawn will be anchored with a new bandshell and restrooms that clarify the pedestrian movements from the stone arch bridge drawing them into the park. The concept also integrates stormwater management with the use of underground infiltration basins that run through the park. Construction started April 12, 2022 with work expected to be complete in Fall 2022. Images courtesy of the MPRB.