MN Army National Guard Readiness Center, Arden Hills, MN

Élan was the lead civil engineer for a 150,000 sf Readiness Center Complex for the Army National Guard. The site includes 512 POV parking lot that is designed to blend with the existing site topography, as well as the existing wetlands. In addition to the parking lot, the site plan included an access drive connecting the parking area to Hamline Avenue, sidewalks for pedestrian movement, a loading dock, service area within a secured fence, as well as proper fire truck access. A helipad was designed by Élan to be located north of the Readiness Center. The clearances and pavement design were in keeping with the Unified Facilities Criteria Design Guides for the Army. The project is pursuing LEED Silver Certification.

The grading and drainage system was designed to work integrally with the parking lot layout and landscape design to give flexibility to earthwork and optimize the stormwater management features. The site had numerous wetlands on site and the site design worked with these natural amenities to ensure hard surface impacts to the wetlands were minimized. Additionally, the site layout utilized surface runoff and rock shoulders to reduce the amount of storm sewer piping. Utilizing the soil boring information, the team placed infiltration basins where the soils were amenable. Where the soils were not appropriate for infiltration, the design utilizes filtration basins. The basin design included forebays to ensure proper pretreatment and longevity of the of stormwater management facilities to ensure the goal of greater than 90% reduction of total phosporus and total suspended solids was achieved.