Walgreens, St. Michael, MN


This is one of over 50 Walgreens stores designed by Élan’s staff in Minnesota, Colorado and Arizona.   Major retailers often have unique criteria for their sites and Walgreens is no exception.  Our team begins each project with a careful review of the agency design standards for conflicts with our client’s standards.  Resolving any inconsistencies early in the entitlement process keeps the schedule intact and avoids rework of the design.

The St. Michael, MN Walgreens is a redevelopment site requiring the combination of multiple properties.  Design challenges included mitigating impacts on non-participating commercial businesses and adjacent residential properties.  Besides the typical grade changes this site is adjacent to a county and a state highway, both planned for reconstruction.  Given the urban setting the building was set directly adjacent to the right-of-way and at the elevation established for the new roadway.  Driveway grades had work with the existing and reconstructed streets.

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