StoneBay, Orono, MN

Commercial Residential

This mixed-use Planned Unit Development ( PUD ) is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities suburb Orono.  StoneBay includes three types of residential housing and two commercial outlots.  Kelley Parkway runs from east to west across the site.  Sidewalks and trails are provided throughout the project to allow residents to access to the City and Orono School campus’s to the west and retail shopping opportunities to the east.  The townhomes along Kelley Parkway are two story units with 2 and 3 car garages in the lower levels.  The internal street system, including a bridge that spans a wetland, provides access to the large single level townhomes nestled into the woods and wetlands in the northern portion of the site.  Elan’s engineers mitigated the natural high ground water condition through the import of 250,000 cubic yards of soil generated by the US Highway 12 relocation project.

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